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We service the GTA focusing on York Region bringing together the right resources to get each project done with the best quality and on time.

Our Services

These are some of the services that we provide. Please contact us for more information or to learn how we can serve your specific requirements.

Affordable, Custom Printed Banners

Want to get your message out to a large crowd? Our banners on a wide varity of materials can be printed to any size.

Digital Printing

This is an exellent choice for rush jobs or small jobs. Let us talk about your project to see if it will work for you.


A booklet is a handy way to share a lot of information consistently with readers in a distinctive, manageable format that includes booklet stapling. Use it for playbills, school directories, product catalogues, instruction guides and more.

Brochure Printing Services

Whether you prefer black and white or full-colour brochure printing, give customers a quick reference point and overall guide to your business or organization. Also turn your brochures into direct mail pieces.

Business Cards

If you want to make a great impression, you need a great business card. Let us help you design and print custom cards that will provide you with a great image and inexpensive marketing!

Color Printing

You can use your own color printer to make 1 or 2 copies but if you have making 50 to 1000 copies of multipage or single page documents especially with a lot of color, you will find that our rates will save you money and be less expensive and time consuming than doing it yourself!

Cost Effective and Accurate Colour Copies

Our color copying accurately matches the original and is more cost effective than copying the project on your own equipment!

Flyers and Promotional Handouts

Flyers make your announcements and events stand out from the competition. Cost effectively draw attention to a special event or garage sale, post lost and found notices, announce job openings and more.

Direct Mail and Fullfillment Services

We are a premium provider of Canadian, U.S. & International Direct Mail and Fulfillment Services. We have accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise in the areas of postal regulations, document personalization, lettershop processes and distribution. Whether a project volume is 100 pieces or 100,000 pieces, our team is committed to giving our clients a quality experience, completing within budget and on time.

Door Hangers

Whether you're a pizzeria, landscaper, in roofing or real estate, or virtually any business that deals with the public, we can help you! Simply choose the size door hangers that work best and pick your favorite design by industry. We also offer door hanger printing from your own design or you can order blank door hangers and print your own at home. Want us to create a special door hanger design for you? You can email your ideas and our graphic team will take over from there! Door Hanger Bags make it easy to turn marketing materials such as post cards, flyers or brochures into door hangers! They also can be used to waterproof your flyers, door hangers, or newspapers

Event Printing

For events like conferences and networking events, attendee name badges are a great way to personalize the attendee experience. We can generate and print attendee name badges for single use or repetitive use either one at a time or using mail merges.

Custom Envelopes

Printed envelopes are an efficient, cost effective way to promote the name of your organization. With our extensive list of stock sizes we can accommodate all of your envelope printing requirements. Printed envelopes can be produced in a wide variety of sizes, with or without windows in one, two or full color printing.


Focused on delivering high-quality premium printed pressure sensitive labels, we are your first choice for all your printed materials. Using state of the art flexographic and digital printing technologies, we have the equipment and expertise to produce labels that will get your products the attention they deserve. Specializing in:
Custom Printed Pressure Sensitive Labels
Full Colour Digital Labels with Digital Die Cutting
Blank and Custom Printed Laser Labels
Blank and Custom Printed Thermal Transfer Labels
Blank and Custom Direct Thermal Labels

Customized Stationary

Letterhead, envelopes, forms and more printed in as many colors as your application, budget and corporate image require!


Inform an audience of 100 to 100,000 of a consistent message. Color, black and white and any number of pages. Church, office and any other audience you choose.


Custom printed notepads are a cost effective form of advertising for just about everyone! You’ll have plenty of room to make lists, hash out ideas or leave messages. If you share your notepads with others, everyone they write a note to gets introduced to you!


Make premium double-sided Postcards for promotions, invitations, portfolio pieces, or just to send a friendly 'hello'. Available in short print runs they're also great for reselling. No huge stockpiles getting in the way - and you can easily try out different designs.

Pocket Folders

Guaranteed high quality printing of presentation and pocket folders. Custom printing effects, tabs and pocket and slit options.

Rack Cards, Handouts

Full Colour Rack Cards Premium Offset Printed on 14pt Cardstock. When you want excellent print quality, our premium offset printing is the answer. Your full colour rack cards are printed with stochastic screen technology resulting in magnificent reproduction of photographs and detailed artwork.
Make them Glossy or Make them Matte. Choose to have your full colour cards coated with either a Gloss Aqueous coating or a Matte Aqueous coating at no extra cost. You can even choose to have a Gloss Aqueous coating on the front and a Matte Aqueous coating on the back..

Tent Cards

You don't have to speak loudly to get noticed. Tent Cards make your company shine using subtle borders. Unobtrusive lines speak volumes by making logos, names and titles stand out. Printing is just as no-nonsense as each card's appearance. Durable, premium card stock keeps each one standing at attention. What better way to advertise without saying a word?

Design Tips

The following are suggestions to help you look your best every time!

Web site images

The upper image will print well. The lower will not.

Most website images are designed to take up very little space when they are sent electronically. These compressed images do not print very well.

Gang up print jobs

Combining print jobs can save you money. Don't print just one business card. Save them up and print several at once. You will save money. Everytime you can print multiple jobs at once using the same type of paper and similar output sizes, your printer will save money and he can share these savings with you. Prior to printing, a piece is laid out (imposed) to utilize as much of the press sheet as possible. Multiple copies of the piece will be squeezed onto a sheet. Due to the particular dimensions of a piece, often there is extra room on the press sheet. Instead of wasting paper that is paid for, it might be possible to use the extra space for another printed piece.

Web to Print

Web-to-Print offers significant savings in prepress, proofing and inventory control while improving workflow efficiency. Ask about tailoring web-based pricing, products, ordering, tracking, proofing, and much more, for your organization's specific needs.

DIrect Mail

If you are doing a mailing, print less and save money by setting aside time in the early phase of your project to update your mailing list. Remove unlikely respondents and duplicate addresses.

Ask Questions about Design and jobs

As every printer will tell you, each print job is unique. Talk to Dan early; don’t be afraid to ask about any potential prepress or production issues that can be avoided through better design.

Plan Projects

Nothing is truer than the old adage “haste makes waste” especially when it comes to printing. Rush jobs are charged an additional premium to accommodate rapid prepress, press time, fulfillment and mailing - try to avoid this!

Spell Check Spell Check Spell Check

It might seem silly to mention this, but many print cost overruns are due to press downtime or reprints that results from avoidable mistakes such as typos, incomplete sentences, bad dates, wrong captions, etc. So take a breath, slow down and review your piece carefully with the spell checker on and off. Or better yet, have several people in your organization not involved with the project look it over prior to submitting it for print.

Job Design reduces print costs

Design a Lower Cost Piece While Maintaining Brand Integrity

Printers use a particular stock of paper for their everyday printing that has proven itself to be the most versatile in printing and reliable on press. This stock is purchased in large quantities at substantial discounts which can be passed on to you. Inquire about printing your job on house stock and ask to see samples so you can evaluate how your piece will look on that paper. Paper comes in different weights which affect its durability and its opacity. Heavier basis weight sheets of the same type of paper costs more money. For example, printing on an 80# cover stock versus a 100# cover stock can save you up to 20% in paper costs. If you are not concerned with slight differences between printed pieces for a particular job, ask your printer to suggest alternative papers that may be appropriate for your job. Will any of the recipients of your newsletter notice that their paper is slightly different from others? If not, be flexible and allow the printer to substitute similar papers to keep your costs down.

Work with Your Printer

Talk to your printer about whether your job can be printed on a digital printer. digital presses can usually match offset’s printing quality, and can be more cost effective. For shorter runs, digital printing may cost less, allow personalization, require less complicated prepress and involve less waste. Digital printing is not be suited for certain jobs, however, particularly those requiring certain types of paper or Pantone color matches, so speak with Dan the Printing Man.

Keep Prepress Under Control

Prepress professionals at printers are responsible for ensuring that the electronic files that they receive from clients will print correctly on press. At prepress, client files are converted into a format that the press can read.
Much like a pilot performs a series of cross-checks before taking off into the sky, file creators should pre- flight their documents to be alerted to missing fonts, images, colors, incorrect color space and transparency issues prior to uploading their raw files to a printer. Many industry-standard page layout applications, such as Adobe InDesign and Quark XPress have such features. The ideal format for transferring digital files is the Adobe Portable Document File (PDF), but not all PDF formats are alike. File creators should save their files as a press-ready PDF to gain maximum time savings during the proofing process. When working with any printer for the first time, consult with a representative before sending your file(s) to make sure everyone is on the same "page".

Choose Your Printer Wisely

Having an on-going dialogue and relationship with your printer is the key to printing smarter within your budget. Here are some qualities you should look for in choosing your printing partner.
Not all printers are the same. Some, like Dan the Printing Man, offer graphic design, digital and offset printing, wide-format printing, binding and finishing, personalization, direct mailing and database management services in-house, while others subcontract part of their printing processes with outside vendors. Keeping your job in-house means more quality control, flexibility in meeting deadlines and lower cost. A little due-diligence on your part now may save you a bundle down the road. Ask for long-term client referrals to assess the quality of the printer’s work. Ask about the level of service they provide and their reliability history. Dan the Printing Man's clients know what a good printer does. A good printer asks questions and is concerned with your overall communication goals as well as your time and budget. A good printer is honest about what and when they can deliver. And a good printer takes the time to understand your objectives and to offer workflow, product or production solutions.

Personalized Print

Research has shown that when people receive something in the mail that has been personalized with their name, interests or lifestyle, they (not surprisingly) pay more attention to the piece. Though more expensive per piece to print, targeted print earns a much higher return on your print investment and makes print work harder. In fact, the U.S. Postal Service estimates that every dollar spent on direct marketing will return almost $12 in sales.

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